Brittany Bollard

I’m a reformed chaos-conductor, who spends my days inspiring mindfulness on anyone who will listen. A mama of three who hoards books, big earrings, and essential oils- I used to wear all the hats— trying to be alllll the things to allll the people— until I realized the magic is in the mess, and I’m better off letting my hair down than exhausting myself being something I’m not.

I spend a lot of time speaking life into my lady-friends, empowering women through ridding self-doubting beliefs with love and compassion and a whole lotta sarcasm. I’m a firm believer in meditation, radical self-care, and doing whatever the hell makes your heart happy. An entrepreneur for life (I used to hot glue vintage pins to headbands and call myself a designer), I have found the secret sauce. A couple years ago, I closed my small childrens shop that was wildly fun yet equally as exhausting on my soul (and my marriage) to run a seven-figure multi-level marketing business right off of my iPhone (it's a great time to be alive). This business fills my cup and I've learned that our success lies in just freaking showing up and helping others to, too!

I like to think of myself as a spiritual enthusiast, word ninja and Spirit Junkie Masterclass alum, who spends most of my days educating about plant-based wellness and supporting small-shops on the internet (oops). I love helping others reach their dreams through overcoming the obstacles they've created and then joining them in their celebration dances along the way. Can't wait to celebrate you!

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