Empowerment Coaching

“Friends, start today. Start right now. Make your first big step towards the scary. Take a risk and let your heart lead. Choose fear or choose a better tomorrow.”

Brittany Bollard

Empowering women to live their best lives by reigniting the light within and reminding them to show up for themselves daily. Let me coach you right out of your own way and into brilliance. If you don’t show up for yourself, then who’s gonna?

Work with me

Personal Coaching

Dreamcasting: ONE SESSION
Let’s get right to it and break down those blocks. 

Projection: SIX SESSIONS
You were made for this! Let’s create a call to action and get you out of this funk!!

We are going to set goals, crush them, and look good while doing it. We will come up with an accountability plan and see you through on the way to a better life.

Small Group Coaching

Did you ever hear that your Vibe attracts your tribe? Sometimes the whole crew needs a little pep in their step. When morale is down and you need some re-inspiration, let’s rehab the workplace together!! Integrate group workshops for corporate, small-business, and MLM teams who need a work culture overhaul.

In-person or Virtual Pep Talk

Three in-person or Virtual sessions with accountability communication

Workshops and Retreats

Mastermind Group Coaching

Small groups of 4-6 women with similar goals working through coaching in a virtual group environment

Wellness Retreats

May Cause Miracles Workshops (MCM Method Trained by Gabrielle Bernstein)

One-Day Corporate and Small Business Workshops (Wellness in the Workplace, Mindfulness, etc)

Ready to change your life?

Tell me more about why you are ready for greatness!!  Apply below to make sure it’s a good fit for us both!! I commit fully to each coaching client and need to be sure my schedule allows and I can cultivate every bit of what you need!!

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