5 Ways to a Happier Holiday

It happens every year. We stress. We buy. We cry. We rush. We celebrate. And then before we know it we are sneaking our tree out to the trash when the sun goes down so our neighbors don’t notice we missed tree pick up…twice. You may be finding pine needles for weeks, but the magic is long lost in the chaos of the season. Set your intentions for the next month and hold space for what is important. Here are a few ways to hold on to your sanity this holiday season:
  1. PRACTICE GRATITUDE. Maybe there’s a reason Thanksgiving comes first!! Take a moment and write down 25 things you are grateful for, keep the list in your phone and read it regularly. Know that it’s enough.
  1. GET ORGANIZED. Santa isn’t the only one with lists. We try to pack so much to do in so little time…start earlier, prioritize, and don’t wait until last minute. Running around with and mile long to-do list, makes the holidays feel more like a chore and sucks the magic dry. Make that list and check it (off) twice!!
  1. RELEASE CONTROL. Sometimes we have every intention of making that perfect pie but life gets in the way. Buy one at the store instead. (Serve it on a pretty dish proudly!) Maybe we saw an effortlessly decorated flocked tree on Instagram but it’s not in the budget right now- let go of perfectionism and embrace the chaos. Look around- and celebrate WHO you are celebrating with. The magic is IN the mess. Lean in and go with it.
  1. LEARN TO SAY NO. Multiple parties in a night? Sharing holidays with both sets of in-laws? Packing your schedule just to make everyone else happy? Learn to say no. Be present wherever you are. Say no, so you can say yes to what matters. Learn to say no with love. “That isn’t working for us this year.” Or “We are going to miss it this year!” Is a great way to create the space you need for your energy without apologizing.
  1. PUT YOURSELF FIRST. Sounds weird in the season of giving, but if you aren’t filling your own cup, you will have nothing to give. If getting out your 5 boxes of decorations, causes your more stress than happiness…maybe just take out one and go for a minimalist holiday!! Hate wrapping gifts? Buy some gift bags on amazon! (TARGET HAS THE CUTEST BOXES EVER RIGHT NOW! https://www.target.com/c/sugar-paper/-/N-4y1l4) If having all of your family over is draining- maybe opt for smaller group visits over the next couple of months. If you are stressing over gaining holiday weight- cut up a bunch of healthy food to keep on hand! Make time to workout, meditate, whatever makes your heart happy. Learn to say no and only say YES if it aligns with the life you are trying to create.

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