The Business of Being Well

What will people think? .. The thought rolling around my head when I closed my store, finished up my side design business, and gave this side little hobby-business all my heart. Isn’t it amazing the power we give on to others to control what brings us joy? .. That if I said, “what if I told you I had something that could support your family’s wellness. Provide an outlet for unyielding emotions. Speak opportunity in financial freedom. Bring forth a community of like-minded dreamers that lift you up.” .. I’ll tell you- my first thought was still, “what will people think?” But the funny thing is, I haven’t thought that in a long time. Because wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. Because other people’s opinion of me is none of MY business. Because I said YES to what makes my heart happy and I’d rather risk regret than risk reward any day of the week.

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